Curtain fabric production

Curtain fabric production
One, the steps of making curtains
The first step: (Measure the size) If you only need to cover the window, measure the width of the window and add more than ten centimeters to each (so that the two sides are more beautiful). If you need to make a full wall, measure the width of your wall.
The color is determined by the environment and season
If you only consider the color and pattern of the curtain cloth, it is very simple, but it is not easy to match it with the whole room. First of all, we must consider the color pattern of the selected curtain, and the color of the fabric should be in harmony with the room. The general suggestion is to determine according to the environment and seasons of the area where the house is located. Taking into account the warmth of the room, the curtains in autumn and winter should be mainly made of cotton, and the colors can be warm colors such as pink and orange. From the perspective of the overall coordination of the room, it should be considered whether the curtains are in harmony with the colors of the walls, furniture, and floors. If the furniture is in dark colors, lighter curtains should be used. This has parallax, which will make people feel that the space is a little larger, and can also avoid too dark colors that make people feel depressed.
The size is determined according to personal preference
In terms of curtain style, it is better to be simpler. Especially for relatively small rooms, the style of curtains should be simpler. Don’t let the cumbersome curtains overwhelm you, so as not to make the space appear narrower due to the complexity of the curtains. For large rooms, it is advisable to adopt a generous, magnificent and delicate style. The width of the curtain is determined by personal preference. If you like more folds in the curtains, buy more decorative cloth. Generally speaking, curtain cloth should be about 20 cm wider than the window on both sides, and the bottom should be determined by the curtain style. Short curtains should also be about 30 cm longer than the bottom line of the window sill; floor-to-ceiling curtains should not fall to the ground, generally 4 -5 cm.
Different hairstyles with curtains like “curtains”
Generally, curtains with natural pleated curtain heads are common styles in living rooms, and both large and small windows can be used. If it is a bay window outside the large living room, you may wish to use the water wave curtain head and flag style curtains to make the large living room look magnificent. All kinds of curtain heads are like different hairstyles of “curtains”. Their appearance adds a charm to the room, avoiding the dull and bald feeling of a single curtain body, and is especially suitable for decorating classic-style rooms.
Compared with curtains, the production of curtain heads is much more complicated, and the amount of materials used depends on the style and the number of folds. Generally speaking, the width of the curtain head is 2-3 times the width of the curtain. The curtain head of the large French window in the living room is more complicated. For other rooms, such as the bedroom, if the owner particularly likes the curtain head, you can choose a flat curtain head. Such a curtain head is relatively simple to make.