Curtain rod installation

Curtain rods are mainly made of metal and wood. Different materials, styles of artistic curtain rods with different iron heads, matched with silk or gauze decorative fabrics, used in the bedroom, there is a strong contrast between rigidity and softness: while the carved wooden heads give people a warm and fullness sense. The scope of adoption and matching style are not limited, and it is suitable for rooms with various functions.

Curtain rod installation details: 1. Marking: Use the support under the curtain to be installed as the standard marking to draw the support positioning line and the hole position line. For 3 supports, the middle support is located in the center of the window or wall, and the two ends must be equidistant. The supports at both ends are about 15-20cm away from the wall or 5-10cm away from the end of the Roman rod. 2. Punching: When installing the curtain rod, the depth of the hole should be between 3.5cm and 5cm. Of course, no runaway and skewing are allowed; when punching, you must stay away from wires and water pipes. The punching is complete. Then, press the plastic expansion tube into the hole. 3. Mounting rod: the support is fastened with self-tapping screws; the lifting ring is inserted into the rod, and the lifting ring is divided into two, leaving 1 lifting ring at each end; press the Roman rod into the open support and adjust to decorate both ends The distance between the head and the wall is the same. 4. Hanging curtains: After the curtain is put on the hook, hang one end of the hook into the hole of the ring, but after hanging the curtain, you should open and close the curtain on the left and right to check whether the sliding is flexible. Two curtains Is the height the same?

Precautions for curtain rod installation: 1. Different connection methods depending on the situation: if the wall is made of wood, just put the screws of the mounting rail directly on the determined position of the wood. If the wall is concrete, you need to use an electric drill to drill holes in a certain position, then knock in the special nylon expansion tube, and then put the screws into the special nylon expansion tube and tighten it. 2. Precautions for curtain hook installation: If the curtain hook is used to fix the curtain, different installation methods of the hook can be used to form different curtain pleats. However, it should be noted that the distance between the curtain hooks should be as even as possible, first calculate it; if rusty hooks are found, replace them immediately, otherwise the curtain fabric will be contaminated. In actual use, the number of pins inserted into the slots can be adjusted, either 3 or 4; the number of strap slots between each two hooks can be adjusted, so that the effective width of the curtain can be adjusted. 3. Ensure firm installation: Do not install it, it will fall off soon, which is not good, so when installing, pay attention to choosing a bracket that matches the pole. If the bracket is too small, the bracket may be easily damaged. On the other hand If the contact surface between the bracket and the wall is too small, the number of mounting nuts or the size of the nuts will be limited, which will easily make the installed curtain rod unstable. 4. Ensure standard and level: the length of the curtain rod should be greater than the width of the window cover to avoid light leakage; the curtain rod should be installed horizontally, and if necessary, use a ruler to monitor the unevenness of the curtain rod installation. 5. Timing of curtain rod installation: It is best to install the curtain rod after the new house has been opened up or before the last cleaning. If you install it too early, a thick dust will fall on the curtain rod, and if you install it too late, it will be clean and clean. Did it for nothing. At the same time, the Roman rod is best to be fitted with the curtain, and the curtain rail can be installed in advance. It is best to consider what kind of rail to install when decorating.

Curtain rod installation method: 1. The way the curtain rod hangs the curtain: the curtain rod is divided into the one with hanging ring and the one without hanging ring. Curtain rods with hanging loops are used to directly hang curtains processed by cloth tapes, and the finished curtains can be directly hung up with four-leg hooks. The curtain rods without hanging loops are mainly used to hang curtains processed by perforating or threading. Curtain rods with hanging loops need to be assembled before installation. 2. Determine the installation width and height of the curtain rod: Before installing the curtain rod, first determine its installation position. That is, the installation height and width. The width of the curtain rod can be determined by the width of the window, which is 20-30cm more than the width of the window on both sides. The installation height of the curtain rod is different from the bright rod and the concealed rod. The installation height of the bright rod is in the middle of the ceiling to the top of the window frame, and the concealed rod is on the top of the curtain box, or installed on the side at any part of the curtain box. 3. Positioning and drilling: Taking into account the firmness of the fixing, to avoid the excessive spacing of the fixing parts, the fixing hole distance must be calculated first. Generally, the distance between the fixing parts is not more than 50cm, and then drawing lines for positioning. After fixing the fixed position, you need to drill holes and fill in the expansion screws. If it is a wooden base, there is no need to drill holes, just fix it with self-tapping screws. 4. Install the curtain rod: For Roman rods, after positioning and drilling the holes, you can fix the mounting frame first, and then place the rod on the mounting frame. If it is a curtain rail, directly fix the assembled curtain rail to the wall or ceiling with a side code or a top code.

Curtain rod installation conditions: 1. Positioning and marking: When installing the curtain box and curtain rod, the center positioning should be carried out according to the design drawing requirements, the leveling line should be played, and the structural relationship should be found. 2. Inspection and treatment of embedded parts: After finding the line, check whether the position, specification and embedded method of the embedded fixing parts of the curtain box can meet the requirements of installation and fixation. For the elevation, flatness, center position, and distance from the wall Measures should be taken to deal with errors. 3. Check the processed products: check the processed products that have entered the site, and check whether the varieties, specifications, and assembly structures meet the requirements of design and installation before installation. 4. The installation of the curtain box, the installation of the curtain box is very simple, mainly to install the curtain box, install the curtain rail and install the curtain rod.