Custom furniture

Custom furniture
Custom-made furniture means that furniture companies treat every consumer as a separate market segment on the basis of large-scale production. Consumers design the furniture they want according to their own requirements. The company must design according to the consumer’s design requirements. Personal exclusive furniture made. Custom-made furniture meets most of the needs, solves the problem of house design and layout, and tailor-made, regardless of size, style, style can be coordinated.
Custom furniture prices
How to calculate the price of custom furniture
1. The projection area is calculated according to the front projection area of ​​the wardrobe (that is, the length of the wardrobe × the height), the depth (width) is generally a standard size of 60 cm, without the cabinet door. Design the stacking area, short clothes hanging area, long clothes hanging area, clothes rail and all the panels according to the customer’s living needs, and the price will be increased if the standard configuration is exceeded.
2. Expansion area pricing. This method is to completely separate the entire furniture structure, and calculate the area and unit price of all the panels, hardware, and partitions in the furniture. Finally, add them to get The final total price.
Matters needing attention in custom furniture prices
1. When deciding on custom furniture, you must first determine the size and style, so that you will not recalculate the price due to changes in the later period, which will cause you to exceed the budget or extend the delivery time. I believe that with the development of custom furniture, the price calculation will be more Come and go standard.
2. After determining the furniture to be customized and before paying the deposit, figure out the pricing method of the merchant. Generally, the materials of customized furniture are charged by square meters, and the hardware required on the furniture is also charged separately, so the price is set Before, you can compare the design drawings and the price list, indicate the brand and model of the plate and hardware and other accessories, confirm it clearly, and then pay the deposit to sign the contract.
3. Choosing customized furniture can’t be a whim. Since you choose it, you must be responsible for it. Whether it is design scheme, merchant pricing, delivery or practicality, you have to strictly control yourself.
4. Although custom-made furniture can be designed according to your own preferences, please also consider the practicality of custom-made furniture. It is best not to be too gorgeous. It complements the decoration style of the home. It is the best state that you like and are very practical.