Custom wardrobe

Custom wardrobe
 Custom wardrobe has become one of the essential furniture in European and American families in the 1980s. In China, although the development of custom-made wardrobes is still in the initial stage, as people’s living standards continue to improve, everyone’s understanding of decoration has also reached a higher level. Custom-made wardrobes have increasingly become an essential part of modern home decoration. Custom-made wardrobes can be tailor-made, and are environmentally friendly, fashionable, and professional, and will be destined to become the hotspot of household wardrobe consumption in the next few years.
Precautions for purchasing custom wardrobes
1. From the material point of view. As consumers are paying more and more attention to environmental protection, many manufacturers are the first to play the brand of environmentally friendly materials when launching customized wardrobes. As a consumer, a simple judgment is whether the material is environmentally friendly, and it can be seen through a simple trick, that is, if a strong irritating smell is emitted when the drawer of a customized wardrobe is opened, it may even make people cry. .
2. Price. As the saying goes, the wool comes from the sheep, and businesses are always smarter than consumers. Custom wardrobes of relatively well-known brands on the market are generally 5-600 yuan per square meter. If the price is too high, it is pure flicker. Fudge consumers don’t understand the market. If you don’t keep your eyes open at this time, then wait to be slaughtered! If the price is too low, the material must be tricky. Selling dog meat with sheep’s head, the E0 plate is produced, but in fact it is E1 or even worse plates. There will be no pie in the sky. Consumers must be wary of low-price behavior of merchants. If you are too greedy for cheap, the consumers themselves will ultimately suffer.
3. Whether the accessories are complete. Purchasing custom wardrobes is not only about doors and door frames, but also hardware accessories. Consumers should check whether these accessories have their own brand anti-counterfeiting logos, whether the colors of the accessories are bright, sliding mirrors, lattice racks, trouser racks, pull baskets , L frame, whether these accessories are complete, is the design “people-oriented” concept?
4. Whether the custom wardrobe design is scientific. Generally, custom wardrobe designers of major brands will come to the door to measure in advance, issue corresponding drawings and provide wardrobe data according to the actual situation of the consumer’s room, so as to avoid errors. Ruhuipai custom-made wardrobes are designed by the designer to communicate with consumers in advance, and then come to the door to measure, and give the corresponding plan according to the actual size of the room for the user’s reference. After the user signs and confirms, the order will start.
5. Customized wardrobe brand selection. This is mainly based on economic strength. Under the premise of economic conditions, it is best to choose some well-known brands. In addition to the quality of well-known brand products, after-sales service is also guaranteed. As a consumer, I don’t know much about the brand of customized wardrobe.
Custom wardrobe materials
1. Composite solid wood, moisture-proof board, solid wood paint-free board
It is moisture-proof, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. National wardrobe products have experienced more than ten years of development, more than ten years of experience is enough to conclude that moisture-proof panels for wardrobes are the best choice! The moisture-proof board of the wardrobe can be used in heavy humid environment, which shows its high quality. Because the board surface is more brittle, the requirements for production equipment are higher. The walls of new homes have been renovated and painted, and there will be a small amount of water on the walls. After the overall wardrobe is installed, it cannot be ventilated. The back panel of the wardrobe needs better moisture-proof panels. The moisture-proof board is immersed in water. Because of the long wood fiber and green moisture-proof agent, it will not expand after soaking to a certain extent. Therefore, most brand wardrobes use moisture-proof board as the main material of the cabinet, which is reasonable.
2. Particleboard and MDF
MDF is also called density board. It is made of wood powder and has better flatness. It is more suitable for milling and forming. It is usually used for modeling door panels, such as baking varnish and molding (blister). In addition, the MDF material is softer, and it is less prone to edge bursting when sealing, and it is easier to process, so many small factories use medium fineness. In terms of moisture-proof performance, particleboard has much poorer moisture-proof compared to moisture-proof board. Without green core moisture-proof agent, if it is kept in a humid environment for a long time, the wood is prone to mould and decay.
3. Low-cost production of particleboard
Most small manufacturers consider cost, and generally use particle board (ie solid wood particle board), using ordinary glue, the cost is the lowest among the three materials.
4. Ecological board
Large core board or sandwich board with double-sided melamine surface! In terms of quality: Sandwich board (commonly known as blockboard, wood board) is a plywood with a solid wood core. It cuts logs into strips, splices them into cores, and processes them with external facing materials. The force of the entire board comes from thinness. The two layers of external veneers are spliced ​​with wooden blocks in the middle, and the base material is basically free of force, and it is easy to break and deform. Most of this board uses fir from one or two years as the raw material, and the wood block can be broken with fingers only, and the nail holding force is several times lower than the national standard.