Customized furniture

Notes on customized furniture
1. According to the room area to determine customized products
Home customized products should first meet the daily needs of family members. When choosing customized furniture, the type and size of products should be determined according to the number and situation of family members. If the area of the house is limited, but the population is a little larger, it is necessary to save space when customizing furniture. When choosing wardrobe, cabinet and other products, the modeling should be as simple as possible, and the volume should be relatively small.
2. Customized products and decoration style should be unified
Many people complain that the customized furniture doesn’t match the decoration style of the home after being put at home. In this regard, home decoration designer Li Jing suggested that what style furniture should be customized at home should be determined before decoration. Furniture can not be unified after decoration.
3. Make reasonable budget by comparing goods
The seemingly cheap customized furniture should be careful. On the surface, there may be no defects. After using it for a period of time, you can understand the truth of “one price, one goods”. Therefore, when consumers choose customized furniture, they should make a budget according to their actual needs, and do not buy back inferior products because of their desire for cheap.
4. Firmly eliminate the use of low rate of supplies
After determining the production style and type of furniture, we should also determine which furniture is necessary for life according to the budget and the living habits of family members. Some customized furniture that can not be used or has a low utilization rate can save money and buy more practical household goods.