Customized furniture

Customized furniture
Customized furniture can make full use of the space in the home, and can be completely designed according to the actual situation of the host, whether from the appearance or use can fully reflect the personalized needs. Choose custom furniture, manufacturers will design according to customer requirements, tailor-made personalized furniture, with the overall decoration style, create the ideal home environment that is most suitable for customers.
Acceptance criteria for customized furniture
In the whole house customized home furnishing products, on-site acceptance is also clearly proposed as a requirement, which means that brands and consumers should not rush to locate and install when receiving goods. Some contents must be checked and accepted clearly
·The color, shape, installation position and operation direction of the product shall meet the requirements of the order.
·The installation is firm and correct.
·The components are complete and all functions are normal.
·The hardware has no rust, the moving parts can be opened and closed smoothly, and there is no obvious blockage in the hand.
·The gap width at the designed gap is consistent and meets the design requirements.
·The sealant is neat and beautiful.
·There is no obvious large gap between the wall and the cabinet, and no obvious collapse arc.
·There is no gun screw and screw on the surface, and there is no damage.
·There is no dirt, glue mark and dust on the surface.
·The site is clean and free of garbage.