deck chair

deck chair
Reclining chair is one of the furniture with new style and function in Qing Dynasty. With the improvement of craft and skill in the end of feudal society in China, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, and the classification of living utensils is more and more detailed.
Recliner size
1、 Height of reclining chair
Nowadays, a lot of young people’s work is closely related to computers. After a long time of work in the morning, physical strength and energy are consumed. Lunch break can relieve the fatigue of limbs and brain. As the saying goes, it can improve the work efficiency in the afternoon. Therefore, in all kinds of situations, reclining chair is needed. Reasonable size and height of reclining chair are needed It can make people feel more comfortable.
2、 Different reclining chair sizes
1. Height of folding chair
The height of this kind of folding and dual-purpose reclining chair is 156 * 60 * 82cm. The flat length is 156. It is not very high from the ground. If you make a bed, it is 180 degrees. If you make a reclining chair, it is 120 degrees. Then this kind of reclining chair height is very practical. It can be equipped with a small pillow. It is very comfortable whether lying or sleeping.
2. Height of folding and lengthening reclining chair
The height of this folding and lengthening reclining chair is naturally longer than the one above. It can also be made 180 degrees or 120 degrees. Then the size of lying flat is 178 * 62 * 26cm. The reclining chair is 30-40cm high, the width is 60cm, the back is 82cm, and the armrest is 60cm. If it is used for bed, the length is 178cm, the width of the reclining chair is 60cm, and the height of the reclining chair is 26cm, which increases the length Degree, so that tall people can have more space.
3. Add cotton to lengthen the height of reclining chair
You can make a bed 180 degrees or a chair 120 degrees. There is a detachable cotton cover on it. The pillow can move up and down. Reclining size: 178 * 62 * 650px, reclining chair sitting height: 30-40cm, reclining chair width: 60cm, back: 82cm, armrest: 60cm, if making a bed, length: 178cm, width: 60cm, reclining chair height: 26cm, this kind of words is very practical for winter.