Decoration and maintenance

After the decoration project is completed, the owner will come into contact with the decoration facilities and items when they move in. At this time, they will enter a trial and use stage, during which a series of problems may occur.

Decoration and maintenance is to carry out some necessary maintenance and maintenance of the home decoration during long-term use after the home decoration is completed, including soft and hard decoration, to keep the decoration in good condition.

Maintaining home decoration is one of the necessary means to extend the life of the home. In addition to extending the service life of the decoration, there are other important functions. 1. Keep the home fresh for a long time. 2. Living in a clean and comfortable home can keep the people living in it happy.

One, the maintenance of solid wood flooring     The maintenance of solid wood flooring often estimates its difficulty or too high. It’s actually not that difficult. For normal cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner. But remember that the wheels of the vacuum cleaner are best equipped with a soft cover to avoid damage to the floor when moving. In addition, you can use a special mop with liquid wax once a month. What needs to be explained here is that it is liquid wax, not solid wax. If the personnel use it frequently, the waxing cycle can be changed to half a month. The best waxing time is before the wax you used last time is completely worn. After the first laying, liquid wax can be applied once before construction. 2. Maintenance of modeling ironwork  Current ironwork is mainly made of forged steel and cast iron. Iron products are prone to rust, especially in the humid weather in the south, so the first principle of maintenance is the destruction of the anti-rust layer. When the paint layer of iron art is found to fall off, it should be repaired in time to prevent the metal body from contacting the air for a long time. Generally speaking, iron art mainly maintains a good paint finish and is quite durable.  3. Maintenance of fabrics   In decoration, fabrics mainly refer to curtains, fabric sofa covers and bedding. The maintenance of these fabrics is mainly about a few things. Fourth, the maintenance of carpets   In the current home decoration, more and more carpets are used, some of which are whole width, and some are just pieces. How to maintain the carpet? 5. Maintenance of kitchen cabinets   (1) Maintenance of door panels: Keep the door panels dry. When cleaning, try to use a more delicate cleaning cloth. 6. Maintenance of the glass   (1) To keep the glass clean, one is to rely on a special glass cleaner, which can be bought in many supermarkets. Another cheaper way is to use vinegar water.