Decoration environmental protection solution

1. Strictly control materials and processes
Buy building materials-go to the regular decoration network building materials market and use less complex materials. All furniture can be customized by a furniture factory. -They must be required to seal all the edges of the furniture so that the formaldehyde is sealed inside. The furniture should also be double-sided.
2. Choose large merchants
More than 80% of the decoration raw materials are polluted, and the choice of environmentally friendly decoration materials cannot be completely avoided. When choosing decoration materials, the price of environmentally friendly decoration materials is higher and the lifespan is longer. When purchasing decoration materials, choose those that meet national standards and have environmentally friendly decoration. The main. The environmental protection decoration materials are tested according to the quality and technical supervision department, and relevant test results are required as proof.
3. Spread activated carbon under the floor
Many family living rooms are covered with composite flooring, and many people will lay wood core boards under the composite flooring. Mr. He suggested that it should be laid with a material called Fudianbao, plus activated carbon. Its advantage is that it keeps cool and moisture away. . And no adhesive is used, allowing the manufacturer to directly pave it.
4. There are many tricks to save water in the bathroom
The most energy-saving feature in the room decoration is the bathroom design, which can be equipped with a shower and a bathtub. The toilets in the new houses are now larger than before. Two bathing appliances are installed to take a shower first and then soak in the bathtub, so that the bathtub water can also be used for washing clothes, flushing the toilet, mopping the floor, and watering flowers.
5. The decoration company signs an agreement
In addition to the fact that home decoration workers and materials should not be sloppy, environmental protection decoration is also required during the construction stage. Not only is the main material good, but also the glue, putty and other details must be paid special attention. The price of environmentally friendly products is relatively high. During environmentally-friendly decoration, for example, the kitchen must not be pasted with solid wood floors. Solid wood floors will absorb odors and grease, and are easy to slip and not easy to clean.
6. Save materials and use them reasonably
For example, for kitchen cabinets, the back panel can be omitted, and the tiles are directly behind. Consumers should measure how much building materials they need in advance and make reasonable arrangements.
7. Green plants at home
Green plants such as aloe, tiger’s tail orchid, spider plant, ivy, etc. are all plants that have a good effect on purifying indoor air, and can also beautify the indoor environment, adjust indoor air quality, and increase air humidity.