Design of glass display cabinet

Design of glass display cabinet
Glass display cabinet modeling combination. In Modern Museum exhibition, the display of cultural relics in each area is not limited to the display combination in the cabinet. The concept of “convergence and evolution” has gradually become a trend in Modern Museum exhibition with the combination of glass display cabinets and glass display cabinets.
It interprets the reverence and reuse of the combination placed in the classic cabinet, which is the integration of the present, the past and the future; it selects the most representative cultural relics for single display, takes the group cultural relics as the background, takes the single cultural relics as the leading role, and forms a multi-functional large stage and glass with richer contents and more distinctive themes through the combination of glass display cabinets Glass display cabinet, thus in the museum space to form a scene of lead singing and chorus singing symphony. The modeling of glass display cabinet is modular.
The design and application of glass display cabinets need foresight and courage to break the tradition. Breaking the tradition is not necessarily based on new technology and high technology, but also can be a mode: glass display cabinets can be quickly and conveniently combined and divided to form exhibition space with different themes; glass top glass display cabinets with the same height can replace each other; glass display cabinets with cultural relics, lamps and accessories can be replaced The combination of glass display cabinet and exhibition wall can be used independently, conveniently and without mutual interference.
The application of these modules has gone beyond the development of exhibition technology. It has given exhibition designers a new way of thinking, that is, through ideological innovation, the original irrelevant, even contradictory and antagonistic elements can be sparked and wonderful creativity.
Glass display cabinet lighting. “Sense organ” is the most primitive and natural nature of human beings. It is an instant wonderful experience, a deep emotion in memory, and a resonance shock. In this era of science and technology as the leading factor, the cultural relics display in the glass display cabinet of museum needs more and more poetic senses. The lighting of glass display cabinet plays a role of poetic builder. People are looking forward to the important and historical connection The poetic lighting provides spiritual possibilities for people.
The lighting design of the glass display cabinet is based on the protection of cultural relics (such as the use of anti ultraviolet cold light source and the light intensity fitting the cultural relic attributes), and takes humanization as the premise (visual clarity, safety, no glare, no fatigue) and adopts modern technical means (light control system to control the light source, illumination, shooting angle, etc.) to guide the audience’s sight and shape the visual image of cultural relics; and through the use of beauty The artistic conception of art enlarges the atmosphere, enriches the artistic appeal, adds spiritual value to the cultural relics, creates the space-time environment needed in the exhibition, and helps the audience to interpret the cultural relics.