design of the villa

Villa design decoration style
1. European style
European style: The main tone of the European style is white, and the main materials are plaster line, stone, iron, glass, wallpaper, paint, etc. to reflect the European beauty. The unique European style door and window cover can reflect Europe and the United States. Amorous feelings can better reflect the identity of the owner. The natural expression of the space combined with the later European-style furniture is undoubtedly.
2. Classical style
Classical style: The main purpose is grand, luxurious and elegant. The design techniques mainly adopt symbols. The composition of the fireplace and the pillars express the European classical style. The color is added with gold and crimson wood to make the space elegant and rich.
3. Chinese style
Chinese style: To put it plainly, Chinese style is the home style of ancient my country. The main modeling is based on Ming and Qing furniture. For example, the contrast of materials such as window grilles, bar tables, coffee tables, lines, calligraphy and painting creates an atmosphere. The main color of the material is black and dark red wood. The design process is also tailored to the apartment type, because a large part of the Chinese-style design is the furniture configuration of the later stage to light up the entire space. Consider the reasonable connection of the furniture in the design. The smoothness between the points, lines and surfaces of the space, and the lines that are too messy will disrupt the entire space.
4. Mediterranean style
The sea is what most people yearn for, not only because of its broad mind, but also because it will give people a different style. Although the Mediterranean-style decoration design is not acceptable to everyone, this does not prevent young people from being enthusiastic about him. The Mediterranean style uses sea blue as the main color, accompanied by fresh white, which gives people a bright feeling. This style villa is best located by the sea.