Design principle of bar partition

Nowadays, many families are pursuing modern urban enjoyment and enjoying a comfortable life, so no matter the size of the room, setting a bar in it can create some fashion and novelty for the whole family. But how to design a bar counter is more reasonable? This needs to follow the family’s lifestyle, dining habits, leisure and entertainment orientation and the conditions of their own housing space, and incorporate the family’s preferences and fun when designing, and also match the style of the entire room Charm.

When designing a bar counter indoors, you must consider the bar counter as a part of the entire space, not just an independent space or a few pieces of furniture, so you should be more considerate when designing.

If the space in the home is large enough, the bar can be placed in the lounge or audio-visual room. This installation position is just suitable for its function. In addition, the bar can also be selected in a place that can attract people to sit for a long time. For example, you can put the bar. Placed on the opposite side of the TV in the living room, so many people can enjoy a wonderful TV show while having a drink, or watch a wonderful movie, which can provide chat materials.

If your house is on a high level, you can choose to put the bar in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows because of the height of the view, so that you can enjoy the beauty of the environment brought by the excellent view position while drinking and drinking tea.

The choice of the position of the bar will also directly affect the circuit and water supply and drainage design related to it. If it is placed in a corner far away from the pipe room or the drainage pipe, it will cause certain difficulties for drainage, and the drainage pipe must have a certain degree The tilt angle. If the bar is placed closer to the outdoors, you can connect the drain pipe to the outdoors and use a separate pipeline for drainage. If you want to connect to the pipeline, you must install the pipe from the ceiling or wall, but this is the construction It will be very troublesome.

If you use high-power electrical appliances in the bar, such as an induction cooker for making coffee, it is best to design a loop in this section to avoid circuit tripping.