Design principles of children’s room ceiling

Children’s room ceilings Children’s rooms are different from adults’ bedrooms. In addition to providing a rest space, they must also be equipped with a play area, a game area, and a meeting area. Therefore, the space of the children’s room should meet the needs of children as much as possible. But the area of ​​the children’s room is limited. How can this be changed? For designers, no matter how small the children’s room is, it is not a problem. As long as the furniture and the house are decorated with a “ceiling”, the problem will be solved.

all furniture stand aside

The designer believes that in order to create a spacious play space for children, the furniture should be leaned against the wall as much as possible, and the furniture that can be combined should be combined as much as possible. For example, make a high and low bed. As long as you add a wardrobe, the space in the middle of the room can be reserved for children to play and play. Moreover, there are many children’s furniture that combine a whole wardrobe and a children’s bed on the market. This kind of furniture not only compresses the use area of ​​the furniture, but also makes the shape of the children’s bed more novel, which is very popular with children.

The overall furniture is lower

The reason for using this method is that the child is shorter than an adult, and furniture that is one size smaller not only meets the needs of the child’s body, but also makes people feel more spacious. Many designers have repeatedly emphasized that try not to make a heavy ceiling for the child’s room, because this will make the child feel squeezed when sleeping. The designer suggests that parents can make the ceiling of the children’s room more colorful, and ask a professional painter to adjust the blue sky and white clouds or starry sky to make the room look higher.

Use less hard decoration and more use accessories

The general children’s room will not change much in about 10 years, but the children around 10 years ago are quite different. Therefore, designers have repeatedly emphasized that children’s rooms must not use a lot of hard decoration and fixed furniture, and use soft decorations to embellish the room as much as possible. The furniture mainly uses movable combination furniture, which can also save a lot of space. .