Design principles of embedded cloakroom

1. Choose the form according to the area

Choose the form of the cloakroom according to the size and shape of the space, and the cabinet part of the cloakroom is divided into two forms: plate type and metal frame. Metal frame cloakrooms are currently popular on the market, which can save space and conform to a simple and modern decoration style; plate cloakrooms are more stable and require relatively large space.

2. Choose professional manufacturers to customize the door

Cloakroom doors are generally designed as sliding or outward folding doors. This saves more space. The door of the cloakroom is like a scenery of the room, glass, rattan sliding doors, etc., should match the decoration style as much as possible. Sophisticated hardware is the key to quality. The most important thing in a qualified cloakroom is the selection of hardware. When choosing a cloakroom, you must carefully check the use of its hardware, whether the drawer slides are made by a regular manufacturer, and the clothes rails are used. Whether the material is strong or not, and the design such as the pants rack, tie drawer, and pull-out laminate are all details that cannot be ignored.