Design principles of high ceiling study

The so-called high rise is a new name in the real estate industry. It refers specifically to a higher-height apartment type that is different from the commonly known flat-floor housing space. Generally, the total floor height of this type of residence is between 3.8 and 4.9 meters.

Each residence adds a mezzanine to a higher floor. The lower floor is used for living, such as cooking, dining, and bathing, and the upper floor is used for rest, sleep, and storage.

Design principles of high-rise study room 1. Wall: Continue the fresh and soft tone
The open study room connected with the living room needs to form a coherent style. Continue to use the light gray and sky blue of the living room on the wall color, giving the study the same soft and fresh tone as the living room.
2. Ceiling: unified with the color of the living room
Since it is a connected space, the ceiling does not require excessive color changes, and the light beige color of the living room is continued to obtain a highly unified overall feeling.
3. Floor: ethnic style carpet echoes the existing colors in the living room
Although the Turkish floor tile carpet is used on the ground, its color can still echo with the sofas and small decorations in the living room. Both use the same red elements, making the two different spaces ingeniously unified in color.