Design principles of independent cloakroom

Functionality: In larger rooms, the master bedroom and bathroom are connected by a cloakroom, which is better, which can greatly release the cloakroom functionality. For a home with a spacious bathroom, the entrance can be used as a row of wardrobes, and a large-area full-length mirror can be set accordingly to extend the vision, making daily life more convenient and faster. If the bedroom happens to have a mezzanine layout, you can use the mezzanine to make a simple cloakroom with a corridor ladder. Ingeniously designed intervals, every corner of the space is fully utilized.

The area does not have to be large: the cloakroom does not have to be large, you can use shelves, drawers, etc. to store a lot of clothes. In addition to clothes, you can also put shoes, hats, handbags, bath towels, bedding, plush toys, etc. Generally speaking, the cloakroom area should be above 4 square meters. Only then can we guarantee the owner ample space for activities. The interior of the cloakroom needs to be divided according to the category of clothing, generally divided into hanging area, stacking area, underwear area, footwear area and bedding area.

U-shape or L-shape: According to the existing spatial pattern, the internal form of the cloakroom is mostly U-shaped; the long and narrow ones are arranged in parallel; the wide and long ones are suitable for the L-shaped arrangement.

Lighting design: For an independent cloakroom, lighting, color and other elements should be reasonably arranged when designing, so that it blends into the overall interior style and maintains its own unique sentiment. Many people’s cloakrooms are transformed from rooms with low utilization rates, which requires the professional advice of designers. Professionals suggest that it is best to consider the cloakroom as a specific space before decorating at home, and then design it according to the overall lighting, tone and material. In terms of lighting design, it is best to set up a light source close to natural light, so that the color of the clothes is the closest to normal, which is convenient for the owner to choose.

Shape: The shape of the cloakroom can be arbitrarily matched with colors and shapes according to the owner’s preferences and the overall style of the room, which has great plasticity. Generally, if you use a cloakroom with dark colors, it is best to choose a lighter color substrate. If you have white clothes, you may wish to consider bold dark materials. In addition, if you want the locker room to be as high-end as a famous store , You can also consider using wall cloth.

Air circulation: The installation of cloakrooms also needs to consider the air circulation to avoid moth-eaten and mildew in the humid season, which can make people worry. Therefore, the door can be designed into a louvered lattice shape, which not only maintains air permeability, but also saves space. Floor or carpet can be spread on the ground to keep the storage space clean and not easy to get dust.