Design principles of the entrance shoe cabinet

Design guidelines for the entrance shoe cabinet
1. Entrance shoe cabinet design criterion 1: The porch shoe cabinet design should be in harmony with the overall home style. The porch design is a part of the home design. Therefore, the porch design style should be harmonized with the entire room environment, and it is the most in the room. A space that can reflect the taste of the owner, the porch design should be the condensing of the designer’s overall design thoughts of the room, and the essence of home decoration.
2. The hallway shoe cabinet design criterion 2: The hallway design request is beautiful and tasteful. The hallway is the first scenery after entering the room. It is the guest’s initial and deepest impression of the room decoration environment. The high-quality hallway design is used in the room decoration. The middle is the finishing touch, so the hallway design must follow the standards of beauty and show the master’s taste, and the designer’s overall design concept should be condensed into the hallway design.

3. The hallway shoe cabinet design criteria 3: The hallway design should leave room for guests to think about, and we should pay attention to maintaining the privacy of the interior. Setting up the hallway in the bedroom is to provide guests with a visual barrier after entering the door, so as not to give people a “see the mountains” “Small” feels, leaving some room for guests to think about. At the same time, it also insists on the privacy and privacy of the owner’s indoor behavior, ensuring the safety and sense of separation in the hall, making it easier and more natural for guests to visit and family members.
4. The design criteria of the entrance shoe cabinet 4: The design of the entrance should pay attention to its applicability. The entrance is the most frequently used center in the room and the center where guests take off their shoes. Therefore, it is best to set up the entrance shoe cabinet at the entrance when designing the entrance. When the host and guests enter the door, they take off their clothes, change shoes and hang hats, and store small items.