Design principles of the main points of the entrance decoration

Entrance is not a necessary item in home decoration. It depends entirely on whether your house needs such a thing. Entrance can be a closed, semi-enclosed or open space. It refers to the area close to the door. In China, but the earliest use may be Feng Shui gentlemen from Hong Kong and Macau. The key meaning of Xuanguan, Xuanmiao, cannot be simply imagined as a specific individual, but a region.
Main points of porch decoration When porch decoration design, you can choose one or more of the above classification methods to deal with according to your own style requirements. But the principles of processing are nothing more than a few:
1. The style should be consistent with the public spaces such as the living room and dining room.
2. Maintain a reasonable traffic line to avoid affecting the normal function due to the design of the entrance.
3. The design of the porch should not be more complicated than other public areas.
4. The porch should be functional and then decorative.
5. Don’t set it forcibly where no entrance is needed.