Dessert shop decoration design skills

Dessert shop decoration design skills
The dessert shop does not need advanced decoration, just clean and bright. The store size should be 25-40 square meters. There should be glass showcases in the store, where bowls and dishes are placed. The staff are required to dress cleanly and give customers a good impression. They are willing to go inside and savor slowly, making people feel more meaningful and adding to the charm of desserts.
The specific decoration methods of the dessert shop are as follows:
1. The walls of the dessert shop can only be painted with white ash, but the surface is required to be white and smooth.
2. The floor of the dessert shop can be decorated with pots worth more than ten yuan per pot on the market.
3. On the walls of the dessert shop, you can make several dessert pictures to promote the efficacy of desserts in the signboard company, and it is required to have an introduction and pictures of the efficacy.
4. The tables and chairs used in the dessert shop should have a certain color tone, preferably against the white wall.
5. The top of the dessert shop is decorated with plastic leaves or leaves sold in the market.
6. Put a vase on each tabletop of the dessert shop, and put a bunch of beautiful plastic flowers in the vase. Such a dessert shop is beautiful and saves a lot of decoration costs.