Dessert shop decoration style

Dessert shop decoration style
1. Modern fashion style
The main feature of a modern and fashionable dessert shop is clean and bright. Dessert is a kind of delicacy. The first thing you eat in your mouth is to ensure that it is clean. If your dessert shop looks dim and untidy, then consumers treat the shop. The desserts here will also be prohibitive. Modern and fashionable dessert shops should not have eye-catching colors in the overall color of the decoration. The layout of the shop is neat and reasonable. The display of glass cabinets should not only show the deliciousness of the desserts, but also show the cleanness of the desserts. A mirror can be hung in the dessert shop, which not only expands the entire space visually, but also allows customers to see the delicious desserts in the shop when they walk outside the shop.
2. Japanese style
The Japanese-style dessert shop is warm and comfortable, so the overall layout of the Japanese-style dessert shop should also be warm and comfortable. In the choice of color, we choose warm pink, not only to give consumers a warm feeling, but also full of romantic atmosphere. This type of dessert shop attracts most of the couples, so it is better to put a few small tables and chairs in the store, so that those couples can also increase their feelings when tasting desserts, which will help increase the customer’s return rate.
Three, rural style
The main characteristic of the rural style is fresh and natural. In this fast-paced society, working and studying all day, I always want to find a dessert shop to sit down quietly, order a glass of juice, a dessert, relax listening to music, flip through textbooks, or read small books Spend a plain afternoon. The pastoral style dessert shop must first show the characteristics of the pastoral style in appearance. The blue and white intertwined exterior design, floral curtains, and the windows are decorated with some flowers or small plants. Is it a rustic atmosphere? Indoors? The lighting must be bright, the layout of the store environment must be fresh, and the layout of green plants is essential. In terms of ceiling, we don’t have to be as simple as the modern fashion style, nor as warm as the Japanese style. It is better to choose a wooden ceiling and paint it with a light color, which is not only beautiful but also reveals the original natural beauty.