Detailed explanation of bar chair height

Detailed explanation of bar chair height
Barstools were originally mainly used in bars. Now they are used more and more. They are widely used in hot bars, fast food restaurants, tea restaurants, coffee shops, jewelry stores, cosmetics stores and other venues. They represent passion, fashion and popular.
   Bar chairs are used more and more in life, and are widely used in bars, restaurants or some commodity stores and other places, full of passion, fashion, fashion and other elements. The height of the bar chair also has certain requirements. The usual bar chair has the function of self-adjusting height. So, what is the most suitable height for the bar chair?
The bar chair is popular with everyone because of its modern and metallic texture. Its shape is similar to that of a normal chair, and it can also be rotated 360 degrees, but the seat surface is higher than the ground. Different styles of bar chairs will have different Height, the height of the general bar chair can be adjusted according to the specific needs of people, the height of the bar chair can be determined according to the bar counter, 20-40cm lower than the bar counter is generally more appropriate.
However, many bar chairs have a lifting function to control their height, but there are also some bar chairs that do not have a lifting function. The height of these fixed bar chairs is generally between 80-100cm, and some places may specifically require some For taller barstools, there are some places where shorter barstools may be specially needed, depending on the actual situation.
Generally speaking, most bar chairs require different heights due to different environmental designs. The shortest distance between bar chairs and the ground is 40-55cm, and the highest range is 70-85cm. Is the most suitable.
Not only the height of the bar chair is different, but its size is also different. The common bar chair size is about L42*W46.5*H92cm. In addition, L44*W44*H83cm, L45*W50*H99cm, Sizes such as L45*W45*H92cm are also the size of many common bar chairs.