Disadvantages of closed balcony

Disadvantages of closed balcony:
1. The balcony should be a place where people directly receive sunlight. People can sunbathe and dry clothes on the balcony. After encapsulating the balcony, the two-layer window glass of the balcony and the room will block most of the ultraviolet rays from entering the room, hindering the sunlight and sterilization of the room. Therefore, enclosing the balcony actually loses the function and meaning of the balcony.
2. It will cause poor indoor ventilation. The bacteria and viruses in the air and the floating dust in the room are not easy to be discharged, and it is not easy to enter the room. As a result, there will be various peculiar smells in the room. Long time in such an environment will not only cause dizziness, Brain swelling is also easy to reduce the body’s resistance, susceptible to respiratory infections or other diseases.

3. The balcony is to allow residents to increase the chance of contact with nature, and to avoid long-term living in the building, which may cause psychological obstacles due to loneliness. If the balcony is closed, the use function of the balcony will disappear.
4. The carrying capacity of the balcony is limited. If the balcony is closed and used as a storage room or living room, place heavy objects so that the load exceeds the bearing standard, which is prone to danger and accidents.
5. Use the balcony within easy reach to grow flowers and grass, and beautify the environment of your home and residential area. If the balcony is closed, the three-dimensional greening of the city will be greatly inferior.