Disadvantages of ground source heat pump

Ground source heat pump technology has many advantages, renewable resources can be recycled, economical, effective and energy-saving, and pollution is small. But its shortcomings cannot be erased. His determination determines that the use of ground source heat pumps will be subject to certain restrictions. It is very important to recognize clearly the determination of the ground source heat pump and the arrangement according to local conditions.
Ground source heat pump disadvantage 1: site restrictions
Ground source heat pump heat exchange is carried out underground, and the heat transfer must be carried out by drilling wells. The entire process cannot be completed if the site is not large enough. Therefore, energy exchange cannot be achieved without sufficient space. Therefore, the use will be greatly restricted by the site, and some houses with a smaller area cannot be heated and cooled by ground source heat pumps.
Ground source heat pump disadvantage 2: high investment price
The one-time investment price of ground source heat pump is very high. Ground-source heat pumps are often found in high-end commodities. Ground-source heat pump central air conditioners are of much higher grade than general central air conditioners. Its energy-saving efficiency can reach more than 40%, but the investment price is just the opposite. The general air conditioner is more than 40% higher. The high input part of the ground source heat pump is actually a high return investment. Of course, this is based on the premise that you have the ability to use the central air conditioner.
Ground source heat pump disadvantage 3: May pollute groundwater
This shortcoming is only for some ground source heat pumps, especially ground source heat pump installations that use groundwater for heating and cooling. Due to the particularity of the ground source heat pump, it may cause groundwater pollution, and if the recharge is not good, it may even cause the foundation to sink.
Disadvantage 4: Soil heat imbalance
This shortcoming is the biggest shortcoming and shortcomings of the ground source heat pump at present. Due to the large land area of ​​our country, the climate of different regions is very different. The ground source heat pump is mainly used for cooling in the south and heating in the north. Excessive heat is consumed, southern heat is excessively injected into the ground, and the heat is out of balance. Year-round will make the soil temperature imbalance and destroy the ecology. In general, the advantages of ground source heat pumps outweigh the disadvantages, and it will also provide a lot of convenience to people’s lives. With the increase of economic income, the development of ground source heat pump technology and the support and promotion of ground source heat pumps by the state will make up for ground source one by one. The shortcomings of heat pumps and maximize their advantages, but no matter how they develop, the shortcomings of ground source heat pumps still exist objectively. The use of ground heating heat pumps must be investigated by experts, and relevant reasonable conclusions and plans for installation of ground source heat pumps must be drawn and selected Only in this way can a professional installation company with technology and service maximize the contribution of ground source heat pumps to human beings.