Disassembly and assembly of archives intensive cabinet

Disassembly and assembly of archives intensive cabinet
It is very difficult to dismantle the file intensive cabinet. You must be very familiar with the transformation of the file intensive cabinet. So let’s take a look at its layout first. Each frame of the cabinet will be equipped with safety limit and anti dumping equipment, so as to maximize the safety of passage personnel. Secondly, the side frame is equipped with a lock to ensure the security of the archival data, so as to maximize the security of the data. And the top of the dust plate, can prevent dust and mosquitoes.
When disassembling the file intensive cabinet, we should contact a special worker. First of all, we should prepare the tools. When disassembling, we should first remove the dust-proof plate on the top and the lower layer plate first, and pay attention to the dust in the process.
The second is that the lock catch is to be removed. When removing the lock catch, we should pay attention to the strength of our hands. Otherwise, if there is damage, there will be a lot of problems if we want to install it again.
When dismantling, it is mainly from the top down, from the outside to the inside. After the most important lock is removed, we will dismantle the main frame. The main frame is of large volume. During the disassembly process, we should pay attention to safety, handle it with care, and take care of some small parts.
File intensive cabinets are widely used in many places, such as state organs, schools, libraries, archives, etc., where large-scale paper materials need to be stored. Its advantage is that compared with the traditional bookshelves, it has large space and large storage capacity, and it will be very convenient to find materials.