Door handle installation

Door handles are commonly used consumables in life. Frequent use will inevitably make the door handles unusable. If the door handles are broken, friends want to replace them but they can’t start. Find a repairer to help. Very unworthy.
Door handle installation
The installation height of the door handle for door handle installation is generally between 80-100cm. This refers to the door. The height of the door handle from the ground is generally 110cm. Of course, the height of some anti-theft door handles may be 113cm, but this is only a rough height. , The height of the family members of each household is different, and the door opening habits are also different, so the specific height of the door handle should be set in specific considerations.
The design of the door handle installation in the height of the door handle also includes the size of the shoe, and the average value of the additional height of men’s and women’s shoes is also different, these must be carefully considered.
Generally speaking, the door handle installation should be the most comfortable when the forearm is level, because at this time the forearm and wrist joints are only subjected to tension, and there is no additional force of bending and torsion, which is the most economical from a mechanical point of view, which means that the door handle is suitable The height should be the height of the elbow joint.
The installation of the door handle. Because the door is not tailor-made for one person, the principle of determining this height is to make it comfortable for as many people as possible. It depends on the distribution density of the height of the elbow joint. The maximum distribution density should be selected. Place. Generally, the 50th percentile is fine, because the size of the human body is roughly normally distributed. (Note that if it is a door frame design, you must choose the largest percentile, because the door frame has only the lowest limit, not the optimal value)
For door handle installation, if the design is a Chinese door, men and women must consider comprehensively to find the percentile size of all Chinese people. If it is for family use, it is much simpler. Just consider the height of family members. If family members are generally tall, it is recommended that the height of the door handle be higher than 110cm.