Double door wardrobe

Double door wardrobe
 In the current furniture decoration, people are more inclined to buy a double-door wardrobe, not only because it can accommodate a lot of clothes, but more importantly, its style is exquisite, in line with the aesthetic vision of modern people. Many people want to design a two-door wardrobe by themselves, but they can only give up halfway because they don’t know the structure and design method.
Double door wardrobe size
The height of the cabinet for hanging short clothes or suits is not less than 800cm; the height of the cabinet for hanging long coats is not less than 130cm; the purchase of a double-door wardrobe is generally used for two people or individuals to store, so the size of the double-door wardrobe is in the other wardrobe In the model, the volume and size are not large.
Generally, the height is between 1.8m and 2.3m, and the main gap reflects the decorative shape and carvings on the top of the wardrobe. The length and width of the double-door wardrobe are the key points to pay attention to when buying a wardrobe. The size of the double-door wardrobe is inherently small. If the manufacturer designs the wardrobe to a lower size for the purpose of saving board, the functionality of the wardrobe will be greatly reduced, and it will not even meet the storage needs of one’s daily clothes.
Generally, the length and width of a standard double-door wardrobe is between 1.5×0.5m and 1.8m×0.8m, which is a more suitable ratio for the design of a double-door wardrobe. The size ratio of the double-door wardrobe is also a very important criterion for measuring the wardrobe size. A reasonable proportion of the wardrobe size has a great influence on the overall appearance of the wardrobe. If the ratio of the wardrobe size is too large, the overall shape of the wardrobe will appear bloated. If the ratio is too small, the length and width will be unbalanced. The upper end of the entire wardrobe is usually set to place quilts and other unusual objects, and the height should not be less than 40cm.