Double sofa size

What is the size of the double sofa
Although there are no hard and fast rules on the size of the two-seat sofa, the size of the two-seat sofa will fluctuate in a certain range without knowing it, and generally will not exceed this range; of course there are also two-seat sofa designs that exceed this size, but These products are not many.
The size of the two-seat sofa is generally between 140cm-200cm in the outer width, and the depth is about 70cm. Of course, these numbers are not a fixed number. It is a fluctuation range. Within this range or a similar size, the standard two-seat sofa size It is more reasonable. In addition, the depression range of the cushion after a person sits on the sofa is generally about 8 cm. If the figures of a two-seater sofa are almost the same, then its sofa size is the size of a standard two-seater sofa.
So how can I make sure that the size of the two-seat sofa I bought can match the size of my room? Here can be summarized a few points, one is to choose a two-seater with the size of a standard two-seat sofa, and the other is to determine the position of the two-seat sofa. The third is to use the correct method to measure the size of the two-seater sofa to be bought, to see if it roughly matches the size of the position, if it is appropriate, it is a better size.
Nowadays, some businesses measure the size of their own products on the beams according to their own measurement standards, so sometimes the specifications written on the sofa product introduction will be larger than the actual size, and the actual size of the sofa will be smaller; face In this situation, friends should pay special attention when buying a sofa. When buying things, you should carefully look at the exact size to avoid unnecessary trouble.