The first step to make yourself beautiful is to have a lovely dresser. Many fashion and beauty loving city white-collar workers like to dress themselves up to go to work, want to have their own dresser? So Xiaobian here for you to introduce the style, size, price, display of relevant information.
The size standard of the dresser is that the total height is about 1500mm, and the width is 700mm to 1200mm. The best size of the dresser is 40 * 100 (40cm wide, 100cm long). The height of the dresser is generally between 70-75cm. The size of such a dresser is appropriate. When preparing for home decoration, you should determine the size of the dresser and the size of the dresser Inch should also be unified with the style and style of the room.
In addition, size reference:
Large size: 400mm * 1300mm * 700mm
Medium size: 400mm * 1000mm * 700mm
Small size: 400mm * 800mm * 700mm
·Height of dressing table
In the size of the dresser, the height of the dresser is the most concerned. The size of the dresser can be generally divided into two categories. The first category: the dressing table uses a large area of mirror, so that most of the dressers can appear in the mirror, and can increase the indoor sense of comfort. This kind of dresser is 450mm-600mm high.
The second type of dresser can put the legs under the table, the advantage is that the person is close to the mirror, the face is clear, and it is easy to make up. At ordinary times, the dresser can be put under the table without taking up space. The height of this kind of dresser is 700mm-740mm.
·Position of dressing table in bedroom
The general bedroom dresser will have a mirror, in geomantic science, the mirror has the role of reflection, belongs to the evil spirit, if the formation of hedge, it is easy to have a negative impact on people. Therefore, when setting up the dresser, its orientation is quite important. The mirror of the dressing table should not be opposite to the door, because the door is the air mouth of the circulation of the air field in the bedroom, and it has a direct impact on the evil spirit. If the two are opposite, it will be more harmful to the physical and mental health of the residents.