Duplex building decoration

In order to make reasonable use of the space in the room, many families choose duplex building decoration. The decoration of the duplex building can not only save space, but also make the room more beautiful. Because the double-floor home has a strong sense of openness, and the atmospheric space decoration design can highlight the feeling of luxury, more and more people choose the double-floor home to pursue this noble atmosphere. What kind of duplex building decoration is suitable for your own room layout depends on the layout of the room and the size of the space.
When decorating a duplex, first of all, the issue of space zoning must be considered. Most duplex buildings choose the lower floor for living, dining, bathing, cooking, etc., while the upper floor is for rest and sleep. Multiple wall cabinets and stairs can be installed indoors, and the middle floor is the upper floor.
Small-sized duplex building decoration means that ordinary houses are divided into upper and lower floors for use. You can directly enter and exit the bedroom upstairs without going through the living room. The upstairs is used as a place for rest and the downstairs is used as a place for activities, which enhances its privacy. The main feature of the duplex building is to increase the utilization rate of land , The development cost is reduced to the maximum, and the small duplex decoration is designed reasonably, so that the room and the living behavior of the person can be perfectly matched.
In view of the special area of ​​the small duplex, the decoration of the small duplex is not as cumbersome as the large duplex, but they also have similarities, such as the upper and lower floors. Therefore, the wiring and water pipes should also have good functionality and Concealment.