Entrance ceiling decoration

The cloakroom is planned on the right side of the entrance hallway, and the hidden modeling door has sufficient storage functions. In addition, different floors are used to separate the functional attributes of the hallway, and the corners are shaped to make the simple space more interesting.
This Chinese-style entrance has a strong natural atmosphere, blue tones, and a natural atmosphere. At the same time, the home has become very active and beautiful, allowing the perfect combination of classic and modern.
The corners release a kind of natural atmosphere. The retro wooden porch cabinet and sofa seat, the floor with obvious wood grain and the same color carpet, establish a natural style, and a green leaf branch on the porch cabinet gives The whole Xuan pays attention to freshness.
The wood-colored walls bring a lively atmosphere to the home, and the white embossed siding has the style of the last century. From the ceiling to the wall decoration to the decorative table, every detail is meticulous and classic style. Become lively.
The long corridor is covered with carpets, and the door is repeatedly entering the glorious hall through the red carpet. Leaning against the wall of the window, the sofa made of wearing shoes has become a kind of enjoyment. If you just came home, take a break here.
The transparent lighting and bright marble make the entrance very bright. A storage cabinet with some simple decorations makes the wide entrance very simple, but the small details change make it full of appeal.
Two bonsais greet you when you come home. The paired cabinets and stools indicate that this is a space for you two only. The soft Chinese-style stools have become the place where you travel and go home. The convenience of the shoes.
The small entrance is designed to be very full, a very exquisite carved partition, the decoration table is full of life, the candle hot pot brings warmth, welcome home, this is what it wants to express.
The open porch brings a broad view, so that you who enter your home from the outside world have a good transition. The exquisite paintings on the wall reflect your beautiful face, classical decorations, and start a journey of strong Chinese style.
The porch made of this kind of grille cabinet door has very good air permeability, can be stored for a long time and is not easy to breed bacteria, and is clean and hygienic. Divide a small space into a lot of storage space, and there is no space waste.