Entrance design

This porch design is very fresh and very individual, and it is also very practical. The storage space at the bottom of the shoe-changing stool has developed a larger storage function. The white wooden slats collage the wall to create a bright vision, and a row of clothes hooks make clothes and bags easy to access. A map is pasted on the top wall to become a unique decoration.
The wall is taken out to a certain depth and filled with wood, and a row of hooks are nailed for storage. The shoe cabinet can also be used as a shoe changing stool. The overall design is a porch design that attracts attention with natural wood elements.
This kind of porch design is very literary and artistic. Friends who like small and fresh literary arts may wish to take materials from nature. A rough wooden bench, a storage basket made of rattan and grass, and wooden branches falling from the tree are all used for decoration. The good materials for the entrance are simple and aesthetic, and the practicality is not bad.
At the corner of the entrance hallway, a set of storage cabinets is created. The open and closed styles are combined. The patchwork grid design is full of fun. It has ample storage space and can be used as decoration display.
The arched door is partitioned by a brick wall. The center of the door is decorated with iron art and a shoe cabinet, which not only divides the pattern, but also ensures the visual permeability. A certain gap is left under the shoe cabinet to facilitate ventilation and moisture prevention.
The most indispensable thing in the hallway is the storage space for clothes and shoes. In the hallway with ample area, a special hallway cabinet can be built to meet various storage needs in one stop.
This porch cabinet can be described as unique. The unique storage method keeps all kinds of clutter in order. The white cabinet is simple and generous, and the blue and white lattice cushions are immediately full of liveliness.
Decorate the wooden slats with all kinds of patterns, and then stick the colorful wooden slats irregularly on the wall, it becomes a unique clothes hanger that exudes a unique fashion atmosphere.
In the originally open space, partitions separate the living room from the hallway, creating additional storage space.