Entrance partition decoration case

Entrance Partition Living room entrance partition decoration effect 1:

Transparent glass doors are also very suitable to be used as entrance partitions. The white frame doors are decorated in a Mediterranean style, and the colorful pillows are well decorated with the colors of the entrance.
Living room entrance partition partition decoration effect 2:

A porch decoration door made of apples, full of apples, with a sweet and sour fragrance constitutes the fresh style of the house, this porch decoration looks very distinctive.

Decoration effect three of living room entrance partition:

Chinese-style porch partitions will use more decorations with Chinese elements, such as window panes, and the antique Chinese-style porch partition decorations seem to be returning to ancient China.
Decoration effect four of the living room entrance partition:

Modern porch partitions are changeable. You can choose the partition method you like according to your preferences. The addition of the goldfish bowl to the partition makes the living room and the porch more vitality and vitality.

Decoration effect five of the living room entrance partition:

The partition of the entrance of the bead curtain is more of a sense of romance and mystery, and the hanging curtain is a curtain of dreams, decorating the prosperity of the living room.