Entrance shoe cabinet

Doorway shoe cabinet
1. Feng Shui consideration of the shoe cabinet. It is best to configure a closed shoe cabinet to place all shoes in your home, so as not to release bad magnetic fields and to avoid cluttered atmosphere. The shoe cabinet should not exceed 1/3 of the wall. If the door faces the corridor, it can also double as a screen to block the evil spirits. New shoes or slippers for indoor use can be placed anywhere in the house.
2. The placement of the shoe cabinet. The direction of the shoe cabinet in the entrance hall is extremely important. If the owner is engaged in clerical work, the shoe cabinet should be placed in the home Chinese position, which is the southeast direction; if the worker earns a living, he should be placed in the military position, the northwest is the most advantageous. Help your career take a step forward. The above placement position is suitable for many years and does not need to be changed every year.
3. The cleanliness and color of the shoe cabinet. Generally speaking, the shelf of the entrance hall shoe cabinet should not be connected to the back panel, so that the dirt on the sole of the shoe can be discharged to the bottom layer for removal. In addition, the big red color should not be used in the entrance hall shoe cabinet, which means to see red when going out, which is extremely detrimental to family members.
4. The number of layers of the shoe cabinet. From the perspective of feng shui, the shoe cabinet should be five-storey high, representing the coexistence of the five elements, which is helpful for career development and down to earth. The shoe cabinet can be less than five floors, but avoid more than five floors. It is a taboo. Putting the shoes too high can cause sprain and fall when walking. Moreover, shoes represent the foundation, and the foundation is stable, and the career can develop ideally. In addition, it is best to put five pairs of shoes on each floor of the shoe cabinet to achieve the balance of the five elements.