Entrance with knowledge lighting

Hallway matching knowledge 1. Hallway areas are generally not close to windows. It is not extravagant to use natural light to improve the light perception of the area. Therefore, reasonable lighting design must be adopted to set off the bright and warm atmosphere of the entrance. Generally, a larger chandelier or ceiling lamp can be configured at the entrance as the main light, and some spotlights, wall lights, fluorescent lights, etc. can be added as auxiliary light sources. You can also use some small floor lamps with light upwards for decoration. If you don’t like the warmth of warm colors, you can also use cool light sources to convey the calmness of winter.
2. Make it as neat and elegant as possible, solemn and generous. In order to create this kind of lighting environment, general lighting can be ceiling fluorescent lamps or simple suspended ceilings, or one or two unique wall lamps can be installed on the wall to ensure high brightness in the hall and make the environment space look elegant some.