Epoxy floor paint

Epoxy resin floor paint is a high-strength, wear-resistant and beautiful imported resin coating. The floor made by it has no joints, solid texture, good chemical resistance, anti-corrosion, dustproof, convenient maintenance, and low maintenance costs. Etc. Various solutions can be designed according to customer requirements, such as thin layer coating, 1-5mm thick self-leveling floor, non-slip wear-resistant floor, mortar floor, anti-static, anti-corrosion floor, etc.
Price inventory of epoxy floor paint one
Epoxy floor paint can be purchased in barrels or weighed by the catty. It costs about more than ten yuan per kilogram. The price of the two methods is almost the same. It is not only available on the market, but also in online shopping malls. Its characteristic is that it has very good adsorption power, resistance to water washing and abrasion, the painted surface is smooth and bright, and the color looks very warm.
Price inventory of epoxy floor paint two
The color of epoxy floor paint is white, gray, iron red, emerald green, sky blue and other colors. The paint contains bamboo charcoal and silver ions, which can resist formaldehyde, benzene and bacteria. The use of high-quality raw materials strictly controls each A crafted level can effectively remove the pungent smell of paint from the root; the material formula contained in it has been optimized for environmental protection, and the composition and ratio of various materials make this epoxy floor paint effective The effect of construction and construction are very unique.
The price of epoxy floor paint three
What is the general price of epoxy floor paint? Everyone has everyone’s answer. According to the current market, the price of epoxy floor paint is still cheap. The epoxy floor paint that you bought needs to be painted three times during the painting process. The first step is to paint it with a primer. The price of the primer is 23.5 yuan per kilogram, and the second is epoxy intermediate coating. , The price is about 18 yuan per kilogram, the last time is epoxy paint-free, about 25 yuan per kilogram.
The price of epoxy floor paint four
The colors of epoxy floor paint coatings are also very large, which can meet the painting requirements of consumers. The painted colors are relatively bright, belonging to the high-gloss category, and the colors are warm and gorgeous, and look very comfortable. Can adapt to humid climate environment.
Epoxy floor paint maintenance
(1) Daily cleaning can be cleaned with a soft broom or rag;
(2) When the pollution is serious, use a neutral detergent, wash with a rag, then wash with water, fully dry, and apply a thin layer of wax;
(3) When chemicals such as acid and alkali are spilled on the ground, clean it with water in time, and wipe with a rag when spilled with seasonings, oil, etc.;
(4) The smooth coating can be regularly maintained with bright wax to keep the floor beautiful for a long time.