Epoxy floor

Epoxy floor is a kind of high-strength, abrasion-resistant, and beautiful floor. It has the advantages of no joints, solid texture, good chemical resistance, anti-corrosion, dustproof, convenient maintenance, and low maintenance costs. Epoxy floor can be roughly divided into: epoxy grindstone floor, epoxy colored sand pressed sand floor, epoxy self-leveling floor, epoxy mortar floor, epoxy flat coating floor.
Epoxy floor paint construction process
1. Treatment of floor surface
The newly completed industrial floor must undergo certain maintenance before construction, about 28 days. At the same time, remove the cement scum, old paint and adhering garbage on the surface.
2. Finishing sealing paint
To treat a clean, flat concrete surface, use high-pressure airless spraying or roller coating, and epoxy seal primer. Partially missing coating can be repainted with a brush. The excess primer on the surface must be polished before the next process.
3. Batch scraping
Adjust the flatness of the ground, use 100-200 mesh quartz sand and epoxy batch scraper as the first putty, stir it evenly and smoothly, and then use 200-270 mesh quartz sand and epoxy batch scraper as the first putty. Two putty, this one is mainly used to enhance the abrasion resistance and flatness of the ground. It is polished with a sandbag dust-free rolling sander and vacuumed and cleaned.
4. The middle layer of the painted floor
Paint the intermediate layer with epoxy floor paint on the polished and cleaned putty surface, which can be applied by brushing, scraping, high-pressure airless spraying. High-pressure airless spraying is the best for large area construction, and the spraying pressure is 20-25Mpa.
5. Coating floor surface
After the intermediate layer is completely dry, apply epoxy floor coating. The coating method uses batch scraping and high-pressure airless spraying, but high-pressure airless spraying is suitable.