European furniture price

European furniture price
1. European style furniture price — European classical furniture
European style classical furniture inherits the aristocratic temperament of the royal family in ancient times. Every detail of the furniture shows the luxury and temperament of the royal family. Especially the cabinet in the furniture at that time is worth mentioning. The corners of the cabinet are wrapped with metal or iron sheet, which plays a role of decoration and reinforcement, and lays a certain foundation for the development of furniture decoration. The price of classical European furniture like the one above is around 7000 yuan.
2. Price of European furniture — European neoclassical furniture
Compared with European classical furniture, European neoclassical furniture abandons complicated craft and decoration, and combines classical and modern art to make European style furniture more modern furniture style, showing the style of European neoclassical furniture vividly. The most common hues are white, yellow, brown and crimson. A small amount of white will make the whole space look brighter. As shown in the figure above, the price of neoclassical European furniture is about 4000 yuan, and the price difference is not big.
3. European style furniture price European garden furniture
As shown in the picture above, the price of European style furniture with pastoral style is around 6000 yuan. The furniture of European pastoral style has royal dignity and is full of warmth close to life. The soft light color of the sofa matches the natural dignified and elegant modeling, which makes the whole space more noble and makes you reluctant to leave this small world. The elegant appearance of European style furniture with pastoral style fully shows the charm of modern Seiko manufacturing.
4. European style furniture price simple European furniture
The price of simple European style furniture ranges from 6000 yuan. It is similar to European classical furniture in style, and has the same process with American style furniture. Under the historical inheritance, it is more to pursue the practicability and comfort of furniture. Most of them use the combination of flocked sofa fabric and solid wood to design, achieving a simple but not simple practical style.