Exquisite bar design

Bar counter design effect
The bar area is divided by the subsidence of the ground, and the subsidence of the bar gathers the flow of people in the bar. The double “U”-shaped bar allows guests sitting at any angle to get quick service. The wall skirt of the bar is covered with round wallpaper as the lined with artistic glass, giving the dull night a transparent feeling . The red bar chair first appears elegant and unique in the lavender space, giving people the freedom of the theme and relaxing the mood. In the middle of the bar, there is an “island” wine cabinet for displaying wine and storing items. The yellow halo spotlights on both sides of the wine cabinet give it unrestrained enthusiasm, which makes people feel the beauty of change and incapable of capturing.
It combines the functions of the bar and restaurant to create its unique style. A large area of ​​dark blue is selected as the main color to create a strong Italian style. The detail treatment also follows the characteristics of Italian style. Wood grain carving is set on the wall treatment, and the ceiling of the bar adopts a European-style ceiling made of plaster material, which makes the bar more interesting.
Bar counter design effect
The designer designed the space in the Cannes Bar and Hall to be bold and transparent. The ceiling is made of black titanium and fluorine-titanium paint. The shape is presented in an endlessly spreading irregular circle, which intersects with the chaotic shell-like net. Echoing each other, creating a sense of movement like water waves. The card seat and the scattered seat area are simply separated by modern iron railings. The open space is extroverted. It can produce a cheerful, lively, and receptive psychological effect, bring strong interest to the night scene space, and better meet the basic functional needs of high mobility of people in the entertainment space.
The horse-tellurium deck adopts the golden yellow of sunflower fields in southern Italy flowing in the sun, the partial lighting adopts the blue-purple of lavender in southern France, and the decorative wall of the entrance adopts the reddish brown of natural landscapes such as deserts and rocks unique to North Africa. , The deep yellow color, the black and gold stone floor brings the earthy flavor of the Italian mountains, the ruby-like color of the logs on the bar counter…the most beautiful colors of the Mediterranean coast appear here.