Exterior wall cleaning

The exterior walls of all high-rise buildings, due to the perennial sun, wind and rain, as well as the harmful gases and oil fume in the atmosphere, and the erosion of chemical reactions, caused the exterior walls of the buildings to produce dirt and weathering, which not only affected the building’s Peugeot and cityscape, and damaged buildings. Therefore, cleaning the exterior wall of the building not only beautifies the environment, but also plays a role in protecting the building.

Exterior wall cleaning plan
It is necessary to ensure that the exterior wall cleaning can achieve a clean as new effect, but also can not cause any destructive damage to the exterior wall of the building. This requires us to have a higher level of professional technology and rich experience in exterior wall cleaning.
The materials used for exterior wall cleaning mainly include cement wall, glass curtain wall, composite aluminum plywood wall, marble wall, granite wall, mosaic wall, porcelain wall, dry glued stone wall, water-washed stone wall, etc. Due to the erosion of dust, oil and acid rain (fog) in the air, a newly-built building often becomes dirty in a short period of time, especially in some cities with serious air pollution. If there is no regular professional cleaning and care, it will soon lose its original charm, which will not only shorten the natural life of the outer wall, but also greatly affect the beauty and image of the city.
1, the cleaning method used:   ① aerial work gondolas;   ② aerial work hanging plate;   ③ aerial work erection.  The choice of cleaning method is mainly based on the shape of the building, the roof structure, and the surrounding environment on the ground of the building.