External wall insulation construction plan

1. Construction conditions
1. Basic wall treatment: all basic walls have been checked and accepted. Various concealed projects such as door and window frames and walls of various household pipelines, downpipe brackets, and embedded parts have been installed.
2. Shear wall inspection and rest: Use a 2m ruler to check the flatness of the shear wall. When the maximum deviation is greater than 4, use 20-thick 1:3 cement mortar for leveling; when the maximum deviation is less than 4, use 1:3 cement mortar for unevenness Repair and level.
3. Leveling of masonry walls: leveling with 20 thick 1:3 cement mortar.
4. Drying treatment: the base wall and leveling layer should be dry, if the conditions are not met, a certain drying treatment is required.
5. Temperature check: The ambient temperature of the construction site and the surface temperature of the wall shall not be lower than 5°C within 24 hours after construction, and the wind shall not be greater than level 5.
6. Seasonal treatment: Effective measures should be taken during summer construction to prevent rainwater from washing the walls.
Two, construction tools
Electric wire cutter, slotter, wallpaper knife, screwdriver, hacksaw blade, scissors, electric mixer, impact drill, electric hammer, brush, coarse sandpaper and common tools.
Three, construction process
1. The necessary utensil for external wall thermal insulation construction-special adhesive, only equipped with this special adhesive can the quality of external wall thermal insulation construction can be guaranteed.
2. Basic wall treatment: first brush an interface agent, and then paste the extruded board.
3. Setting of pre-adhesive board edge grid cloth strips.
4. Drilling and installation of fixing parts, sanding and leveling of extruded board: Brush the interface agent together, and apply polymer mortar to the bottom layer.
5. Configure surface coatings for external walls.
6. After the coating of the outer wall surface is equipped, the following is the specific construction: laying compound mortar, embedding mesh cloth, plastering surface layer polymer mortar and embedded sealing paste with special tile adhesive. The final final construction-spray (paint) surface coating or paste surface tiles.
7. After the completion of the external wall insulation construction, the finishing layer should be cleaned and accepted.