External wall waterproof construction plan

1. Base surface treatment
(1) The joints between the window frame and the wall are waterproof and sealed, and the joint sealant and sealing material are used for construction. Grout and flexible waterproof material. The sealing material is highly elastic and anti-cracking treasure.
(2) Expansion joints are reserved for waterproof sealing on the outer wall, and high elastic anti-cracking treasures are used.
(3) Use water spray guns and other tools to clean the exterior walls, expansion joints, window frames and other parts to be treated before waterproofing and sealing of external wall holes and large cracks, so that the construction of external walls and seams, holes, holes The parts are free of oil, dust, cement and loose particles. After it is dry, the holes, holes, and seams are embedded and compacted with waterproof sealing material, and the color is consistent with the original color, and then the quick plugging and transparent waterproofing are used for careful construction.
(4) Hollow and crack grouting on the outer wall of large ceramic tiles, using inorganic water-stop grouting materials for construction.
(5) The overall external wall tile jointing agent is waterproof and sealed, using high-quality, efficient and environmentally friendly jointing materials.
(6) The outer wall of the overall strip-shaped ceramic tile is waterproof, and the nano waterproof king is used for careful construction. The material has the characteristics of excellent waterproof performance, good air permeability, convenient construction, safe use, reliable quality and good durability.
2. Coating essentials
(1) Use rollers, brushes or sprayers to coat, layer by layer according to the selected construction method.
(2) If the coating has sedimentation, stir it evenly at any time, and the coating should be as uniform as possible, and there should be no local deposition.
(3) The time interval between each layer shall prevail before the first layer of coating film is dry and not sticky.
(4) When the first coat is dry and does not stick to the hands, the roller brush or spraying quality should be carefully checked one by one before the second coat of construction is carried out. Check whether there are any missing coatings and blisters, and make up in time.
3. Enhanced layer and node processing
(1) The reinforcement layer is mainly aimed at the weak links of the construction parts, that is, the parts that are likely to cause leakage. Adopt strengthened treatment to improve waterproof safety performance and ensure waterproof effect.