External wall waterproofing practices

Importance of waterproof walls
The waterproof wall is a part of the waterproofing project to ensure that the building (structure) is not attacked by water and that the indoor is not harmed by water. The external wall waterproofing project has a very important position in the whole construction project. External wall waterproofing works involve buildings (structures) or basement exterior walls, housing and many other wall structures. Its function is to increase the service life of the building, prevent rainwater and domestic water erosion, and ensure that the building has a good interior The environment provides people with a comfortable and safe living space.
Wall inspection
First of all, when treating the waterproof wall, you must check the wall to see if there are any cracks or uneven places in the wall. These places need to be treated before the wall can be waterproofed. It is strictly forbidden to leave vacancies, cracks, unevenness on the wall, and the pipes that enter the room outside the wall should be sealed. Such a wall can be waterproofed, otherwise the effect will be greatly reduced.
Construction of waterproof leveling layer
Pay attention to the following precautions for leveling construction.
⑴Mortar should be carried out in strict accordance with the proportion, strictly measured, control the water-cement ratio, and it is strictly forbidden to mix water in the construction process;
⑵The plastering mortar should be plastered in layers, especially for high-rise buildings, where local external walls are plastered thickly. This requires layered plastering. The thickness of each layer of plaster should not exceed 2 cm. If the thickness is too large, Steel wire mesh should be installed at the layered area;
⑶ Batch mortar can be polymer waterproof mortar;
⑷Exterior wall plastering and scaffolding, etc., should be cut, and the bell mouth should be plastered and flattened. After setting the slurry, it can be cut with an iron trowel into counter-rubbing, and then brushed with a plain cement slurry.
quality assurance
Quality includes construction quality of doors and windows and roof construction quality.
Construction quality of doors and windows: the size of the door holes needs to be checked before installation of doors and windows on external walls, and large size deviations should be handled, so as to avoid the influence of too large or too small seams around the window frame and the quality of the welding seams. Generally, the edge of the frame and the incident slit are required The width is between 20 mm. Must be installed in accordance with the specifications, horizontal and vertical, and fixed for acceptance of concealed works.