Fabric sofa purchase

Fabric sofa purchase
Purchase point 1: style home decoration overall harmony
Choose the sofa, the first feeling is the modeling style of the sofa, to consider the integrity of the sofa and the space. Nowadays, most home furnishings are modern simple, simple European, new Chinese style as the mainstream trend, but any color, style of sofa, in harmony with the style of home decoration at the same time, we should pay attention to the overall color of space should not exceed three. Because the shopping mall exhibition hall is several times larger than the general family living room, so you must measure the size of your living room before you buy it, and then ask the merchants about the specifications, so as to avoid the feeling of space crowding caused by too large sofa or the feeling of emptiness caused by too small sofa.
Purchase key point 2: quality control, detailed product sitting feeling, frame, filled cotton
No matter which sofa, beautiful, comfortable sitting is the most important. According to sitting feeling different, sofa can be divided into soft, hard two kinds. Young white-collar workers generally like soft sofa; and middle-aged and old people know that hard sofa is good for cervical or lumbar diseases, so they choose more solid sofa.
In various brands of sofas, the sofa filled with high-density sponge has always occupied the middle and low-end market. However, this kind of sofa is solid at the initial stage of use, but after a few years, the sponge will lose its fluffy feeling after long-term extrusion, and the sofa will collapse in the middle, and it will be uncomfortable to sit. The price of this kind of sofa is relatively cheap, with an average market price ranging from 3000 yuan to 5000 yuan. Moreover, due to its solid texture and easy modeling, many post-modern style sofas are filled with high-density sponge to create the edges and corners of the sofa and realize the characteristic design, which is welcomed by the fashion group; while the high-end sofa brands are mostly made of feather and latex cotton (mixed latex particles and sponge) fill. This kind of sofa is soft in shape and soft in touch. Because both latex particles and feathers are elastic, it recovers elasticity quickly after extrusion, but the price is high. Generally, the price of three seat sofa is between 8000 yuan and 10000 yuan.
Since various fillers can not be distinguished by simple touch, when selecting the sofa, you can directly open the zipper on the back of the sofa active cushion or apply to the shopping guide for samples. Consumers are advised to purchase brand products as much as possible to avoid unnecessary trouble.
These are the experts and professors of fabric sofa purchasing skills, small editor suggested that we buy fabric sofa when goods compare three, in order to buy their own fabric sofa with the highest cost performance!