Fabric sofa

Fabric sofa
In the layout of young people’s home, the choice of sofa is mostly cloth sofa. On the one hand, the price of sofa made of other materials is cheaper; on the other hand, it is relatively soft and comfortable, and it is convenient to arrange with the style of home decoration.
Fabric sofa cleaning method 1
The cloth sofa on the general market can be disassembled and washed, so long as it is to wash the skin on the outside, it will be convenient and simple, but cleaning is also a certain skill. If your sofa is cotton fabric, then you need to soak the detergent in water for 30 minutes, and the water temperature should not exceed 30 ℃.
Fabric sofa cleaning method 2
If your sofa is made of chemical fiber, you need to clean it at room temperature and can’t be soaked in high temperature. You can wash it by machine or by hand, let alone iron. There is also a linen fabric, because this fabric is easy to pilling, so when steam cleaning, we must pay attention to the strength of cleaning! Otherwise, it may make your sofa edge no shape, or even pilling, then it will not be welcomed by people!
Fabric sofa cleaning method 3
If your sofa is only partially stained, you don’t need to wash it all. You can rub it with sponge. Static electricity can effectively remove the stain. Also, we must use professional cleaning agent, which is very useful to directly remove stains, of course, it is also very useful for the maintenance of sofa! We can also use water to clean, of course, we need to clean the dirty places first, and then clean other places.
Fabric sofa cleaning method 4
There is also an important place that we should pay attention to. Many people think that the more water you wash, the cleaner it will be. In fact, this is not the case. If the more water is used in the cleaning process of cloth sofa, it will deform. So when cleaning, we should pay attention to the less water we use, the better!
Fabric sofa in addition to cleaning also pay attention to, of course, maintenance is a very important link. Good maintenance may make our sofa service life longer, in ordinary times we should pay attention to ironing the sofa, we should be careful, the temperature is not too high, dry cleaning is the best, of course, still need special cleaning agent, washing cycle also need to pay attention to, every link is very important! Only we have everything, can we make our sofa use Longer, but also make our life more beautiful, pay attention to the details of life!