Features of anticorrosive wooden house

1. Longevity
China’s national unified forestry textbook “Wooden House Protection” clearly points out that long-term living in wooden houses can extend life. Their basis is that trees have the longest lifespan by counting the objects that exist on the earth. The average life expectancy of residents in wooden houses is 911 years higher than that of residents in reinforced concrete houses, which shows that the wooden environment has a magical power that is beneficial to human health.
2. It has biological regulation function
The newly built wooden house can smell the aroma of wood, and its volatile component is essential oil. Essential oils can enhance human immunity. Essential oils have deodorant, anti-mite, insecticidal, and sterilizing effects. They can make indoor air fresh and make people feel comfortable. It can also inhibit tension caused by mental stress and make people have stable pulses. And reduce fatigue, etc.
3. Good heat preservation and energy saving
The thermal insulation and energy-saving performance of wood structure is better than any other building materials. Under the condition of the same thickness, the thermal insulation value of wood structure is 16 times higher than that of standard concrete and 3 times higher than that of hollow brick walls. In summer, the indoor temperature is 2.4 degrees lower than that of the brick structure and 4 times higher in Keji. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. The wooden house can adjust the humidity during the rainy season. When the humidity is high, the wooden house will automatically absorb moisture, and when it is dry, it will release moisture from its own cells, just like a natural air conditioner.
Four, good security
Brick-and-concrete buildings have always been inevitable from collapsing in major earthquakes. Because of their light weight, timber-framed houses have little absorbing seismic force during earthquakes. Most of them do not move in the earthquake, or the whole is slightly deformed without falling apart, or As the earthquake wave moves as a whole, even if a strong earthquake separates the entire building from its foundation, its structure is intact.
5. Good sound insulation
Ecological wooden house, one is based on the low density and porous structure of wood, which can reduce the sound transmission; the other is the special structure of the wall, so that the echo wave generated by it is extremely small, the external sound cannot be transmitted, and the indoor sound is naturally clear ; The third is that wood-structured buildings will not produce the impact noise transmission problems that often occur with concrete.
Six, the beauty of the wooden house
It is impossible for architects to build artistic houses without understanding aesthetics. Eco-farm wooden house designers are not only architectural designers, they are real aestheticians. All of them have more than ten years of rich design experience, and have profound artistic accomplishments. Some have also gone abroad to study and study in the kingdoms of ecological wooden houses in Norway, Finland, and Canada. Therefore, whether it is the magnificent classical Chinese style or the classical European style The magnificent atmosphere, the romantic uniqueness of modern European style, the exquisite elegance of modern garden style…As long as you request, we can tailor it for you, so that your wooden house is more beautiful than your ideal, and it is related to the environment and nature. Integrate into one, and complement each other.