Features of electric heating table

Electric heating table, also known as electric heating table, is a new type of heating appliance that integrates table and heater. On the basis of the traditional table, it incorporates current technology and aesthetics, using far-infrared radiation and convection heating.
Features of electric heating table
Features of electric heating table:
   1. The temperature rises quickly and the temperature is kept relatively balanced.
  2. High heat utilization rate and low power.
  3, the use time can be reserved.
  4. It is convenient to adjust the temperature, with 5-level speed regulation and independent heating.
   5. No noise, no peculiar smell, no open flame, no bright light, no oxygen consumption, no explosion hazard, ventilation and heating.
  6. ​​Smart lock screen technology makes daily operations more convenient for families with the elderly and children.
  7, dual temperature control protection, anti-leakage protection.
   8. Through far-infrared radiation and convection heating, far-infrared acts on the human body to promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and relieve arthritis and rheumatism.
   9. It is easy to maintain, adopts full-group vertical assembly, and each part can be disassembled.
   10. It is less affected by the power supply voltage and has a long life.
  11. The design is matched with home tones, and the appearance is beautiful and generous.