Features of LCD splicing wall

The LCD splicing wall has a large combination space: either small screen splicing or large screen splicing can be used; it can be one-to-one single-screen splicing, or a pair of M×N full-screen splicing; it can also be combined with large and small screens. .
Ultra-narrow LCD splicing wall function
Professional-grade LCD panels and components can meet long-term uninterrupted use. The unique Samsung original DID LCD splicing display, high contrast 3000:1, high resolution 1366*768, high brightness 450cd/m2, can still be perfect under sunlight Display. Ultra-narrow stitching 6.7mm (top left: 4.3mm; bottom right: 2.4mm), rich input and output interfaces, VGA, DVI, HDMI, YPbPr, AV and other interfaces, can be connected to computers and various video equipment.
The new “Ultra Wide Viewing Angle Extension Technology” (S-PVA&S-IPS), 178-degree viewing angle, can be viewed in all directions, with 3D comb filter, dynamic noise reduction technology. And with frame compensation function, highly restore the real picture, outdoor The machine has the function of “automatic constant temperature” adjustment, which can automatically detect the level of internal temperature, thereby starting the fan to reduce the internal temperature, super long life (60,000 hours), stable operation, no burns, damage, low maintenance cost, unique Modular design, can be used as a splicing wall, can also be used as a single screen, using Samsung’s unique DID screen, can be placed horizontally or vertically.