Features of steel frame stairs

Features of steel frame stairs:
First, the steel structure staircase occupies a small area. The second is beautiful shape. Steel stairs have U-shaped corners, 90-degree turn right angles, S-shaped 360-degree spirals, and 180-degree spirals, with diverse shapes and beautiful lines. The third is strong practicality. The steel-wood structure adopts cast steel pipe fittings, and has various steel frameworks such as seamless steel pipe and flat steel.
The fourth is bright colors. The surface treatment process of steel stairs is diverse, which can be fully automatic electrostatic powder spraying (ie spraying), or fully galvanized or fully painted, with beautiful appearance and durability. Suitable for most occasions such as indoor or outdoor use. Can reflect the modernist steel structure architectural art.
Welded steel stairs are known for their few fulcrums, high load-bearing capacity, many shapes and high technical content. It is not easy to be affected by pillars, floors and other structures, and it is strong and firm. The steel plates of the welded stairs are all accurately welded after debugging, so the front, rear, left, and right levels are consistent after the pedal is installed. And all material accessories are horizontal and vertical. There are many kinds of materials for welding stairs. Square tube, round tube, angle iron, channel steel, I-beam can be used. Therefore, the shapes are more diverse.
The above is a related introduction about the size and characteristics of steel-framed stairs. If you want to know more about it, please pay more attention to the decoration website. The decoration website will provide you with more complete, detailed and updated information.
Steel frame stairs size:
  The height of the floor determines the step height, generally 150mm, and the floor area determines the width of the step board. The middle width of the step board is 300mm. The step height for the first step with a central column and after one revolution is generally about 2000mm. Regardless of whether there is a column or not, the pedal length should not exceed 1200mm. The actual situation is different, and the construction method is also different.