Features of steel-wood interior doors

Features of steel-wood interior doors
1. Energy saving
Steel-wood interior doors save more than 60% of wood compared to solid wood doors.
2. Environmental protection
The steel-wood interior door is made of high-quality steel plate and solid wood inner ribs. It does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, and does not emit radiation; all processes that pollute the user’s living space during production are completed in the factory, which truly achieves the goal of environmental protection.
3. Economy
Steel-wood interior doors are at almost the same price as middle-to-low-grade solid wood doors and self-made doors. But it provides better quality and outstanding cost performance.
4. Practical
The steel-wood interior door has the advantages of good strength, no deformation, strong and durable.
5. Convenience
Steel-wood interior doors are convenient and quick to install, ready to use. Compared with self-made doors, it takes 10 days or even a month, and there is still the situation of residual paint polluting the air. The steel-wood doors can be completely installed and put into use in 1 or 2 hours. And there is no pollution residue.
6. Beautiful
The surface of the steel-wood interior door is molded by a large hydraulic press. It has a strong three-dimensional effect. It can provide a wealth of styles. The product lines are smooth and the styles are diverse. The industrialized steel-wood door has very small tolerances. high. In terms of appearance, the steel-wood interior doors have strong three-dimensional effect, changeable colors and beautiful appearance. The advantages can be close to wooden doors, and can realistically imitate the wood grain effect, which conforms to the public aesthetic taste. With excellent surface treatment technology, steel-wood interior The door can be made in almost any pattern.