Feng Shui Duplex Building Decoration

1. The decoration of duplex buildings should avoid stairs through the hall
The staircase of a duplex building is generally a passage connecting floors and floors. Stair passage means that the staircase is located near the living room or living room, which creates a hallmark of the entire duplex building, which is not good for the house. Residents often suffer from gastrointestinal problems, and female gynecological diseases are often accompanied by other problems.
2. The decoration of duplex buildings should be avoided
A duplex building is generally a house next to a house, and the distinction between floors is not clear. If a good aura flows into the room, it will be subdued, resulting in a good aura that cannot reach the most commonly used places. Bad aura rules can’t get out indoors. Therefore, the design structure of the duplex building should not be complicated, otherwise it is not conducive to the intake of air in the duplex building.
3. Avoid installing fans or air conditioners in the hallway when decorating a duplex building
Installing a fan or empty space in the entrance hall, whether it is an ordinary residence or a duplex building, is not conducive to attracting wealth. A good gas field or wealth that comes in from the doorway will be blown by the fan or air conditioner in the entrance, which will organize the airflow into the room, and present a situation of leaking money to the entire house.
4. Avoid window sills as a bed in the decoration of duplex buildings
Many families connect the window sill with the bed in order to save space or increase the size of the bed. They think this is also a fashion. If it is too close to the street, it will also affect the quality of sleep. If it is a page with strong lights or thunder and lightning, it will cause the occupants to fear psychologically, and it also means light.